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Gifting Forecast of 2023

Gifting Forecast of 2023

2022 was the year of Tik Tok trends, traveling, and returning to the world post-covid. At Bestowal, we saw beauty products, glassware, and slippers as some of the most popular gifts. Going into 2023, we want fewer vibe checks and more convenience. 2023 is the year of self-care, coziness, and mocktails. 


We saw a rise in buying products to make our nighttime routine as calming as possible, and we're now taking that up a notch and upgrading our robes and candles. The beauty products suitable for your hair or skin were ever-changing in 2022, and now we're leaning into the idea that less is more when it comes to ever-changing products. Thankfully to kick our self-care resolutions into gear, we have the Me Time and Ready, Set, Spa that includes Heart Shaped Bath Bombs by Cleanse Gourmet and Vitamasque Vegan Collagen Lip Mask. 



At Bestowal, we love that our clients have taken on a healthier lifestyle, with the rise of mocktails and alcohol-free spirits like wine and beer being something to keep an eye on. Our multiple cocktails boxes, like the Mighty Mule, and Call me Old Fashioned, can be adapted to ensure you still get all the taste that cocktails bring without the alcohol. 



This year is all about comfort; we’re getting rid of our uncomfortable clothes and making our homes so cozy we won’t want to leave. To set in the ultimate coziness factor, the Welcome Home, Diffuser box gives you the perfect balance of chic and relaxation. You can make your home the ideal calming sanctuary with an Alpaca Throw blanket and an Elegant and Fresh Diffuser. If your home is already your perfect comfort place, the Night-In box will elevate your nighttime space. You can wow your friends at movie night with the Peak Personal Popcorn Popper and the Drive-in Milk Chocolate by Compartes


Now settle into the idea of cozy, comfort and mocktails, and lean away from beauty products that don’t serve a purpose and fabrics that don’t feel luxurious. Our gift boxes ensure that you and your clients/staff can enjoy the 2023 vibes early into the year. 


There are three different ways to gift with us!

 1) Pre-Curated Gifts: The fastest and easiest way to get gifts. Choose from our collection of pre-curated gifts that are sure to gratify. You always have the option to customize your packaging.

 2) Pre-Curated Gifts with Company Logo: Enjoy one of our curated gifts with your company logo, so the gift emulates the brand.

 3) Custom Gifts: Create a 100% custom gift, including products sourced exclusively for you. The minimum quantity is 25 boxes, and the lead time is 2-5 weeks.

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